Cross Out Cancer, Inc. was established with the intention of uniting high school cross country teams in an effort to raise money for families with a child undergoing cancer treatment. Its goal is to bring about awareness of pediatric cancer and give high school students the opportunity to change their community. Completely student-lead, the organization has joined with local businesses to host public running events that unite the community in a common effort to support families battling cancer in the Tampa Bay area.

Unite cross country leaders from every Tampa high school

Raise $65,000 in 2017 and $250,000 by 2020

Affect over 200 families at All Childrens by 2020

Establish a lasting, unified board of high school leaders who will impact the community for years to come



Total Current: Goal: $200,000 2017 race Current: $10,000 Goal: $200,000


Thank You To Our Amazing Donors!