Cross Out Cancer, Inc. was established with the intention of uniting high school cross country teams in an effort to raise money for families with a child undergoing cancer treatment. Its goal is to bring about awareness of pediatric cancer and give high school students the opportunity to change their community. Completely student-lead, the organization has joined with local businesses to host public running events that unite the community in a common effort to support families battling cancer in the Tampa Bay area.

Unite cross country leaders from every Tampa high school

Raise $65,000 in 2017 and $250,000 by 2020

Affect over 200 families at All Childrens by 2020

Establish a lasting, unified board of high school leaders who will impact the community for years to come



Total Current: Goal: $200,000 2017 race Current: $10,000 Goal: $200,000

Team Cailin

This team includes anyone in support of Cailin Cannella, from swimmers and students to friends and family.




This team is for anyone in the Jesuit Community. Our team captains are Michael Delano and John Robbins. We hope everyone from Jesuit will help us reach our goal.


Captain:Michael Delano and John Robbins


Wiregrass Ranch High School, located in eastern Pasco County, is a school comprised of over 2,500 students. With such a large population, every student has opportunity to engage in many sports, clubs, and academics focused on preparing them for the future. No school is as spirited as ours; Go Bulls!


Captain:Kyle Harris and Evan Setley

Class of 2017

This includes anyone affiliated with the Class of 2017 at Academy of the Holy Names. Go Jags!!!




This team is for anyone associated with the CCC community! Our team captains are Frankie Green and Ashley Moyer. Go Marauders!


Captain:Ashley Moyer and Frankie Green


This is the Tampa Prep cross country team! The team captains are Ian Weiner and Allie Hodorski. We are super excited to run with the Tampa Prep community and support the fight against cancer!


Captain:Allie Hordorski and Ian Weiner


If you are affiliated with Sickles High School or live in a near by area join the team!


Captain:Lyndsey Chute, Mayson Goodman and Elise Vendrone


Robinson Cross Country is a team of about 30 runners, coached by Mark Altimari and Bryan Garcia. Join our school's team to help the Knight family come together to support a great cause.


Captain:Tatiana Fabian,Isabela Hanewicz and Andrew M.


This is the cross out cancer 5k team for the Alonso community. All the profits go to pediatric cancer and it's going to be super fun, thanks for joining!


Captain:Kayla Skelton


This team is for all H.B. Plant affiliates--runners, non-runners, and everyone in between!


Captain:Laura Jones, Walker Thomas and Gilly Minnehan

Thank You To Our Amazing Donors!